August 16, 2007

Well, my first few days at school have been pretty good. I love LOVE the IB program. At least I love the one IB class I have… Actually, I have had two. For the first day of school I was in the Senior IB history. Yikes! They were all very tall… It seemed like a cool class though. Now I am still in a class with mostly seniors (a few juniors), though this is by design, not accident. It’s AP Physics, and I’m not sure that I’m going to stay in it, it’s very hard (only two years higher than it should be…). *sigh* Oh well. WOW! I sound really fatalistic! Anyway, it’s been an experience. I do know someone at Westwood, cuz she went to my junior high. We have been debating the finer points of her religion (LDS) and we both have been very polite to each other. For now… Anyway here’s my schedule:

Acc. Algebra II

Homeroom (Attached to 2nd hour)

AA Sophmore English

Spanish III

AP Physics


Theatrical Arts I (Drama)

Honors History (IB)

I believe that all of these but Drama are weighted. *sigh*

Missing Mrs. Griffin, cuz she’s way better than my teacher. Mine’s just so… so… I dunno? Uptight I guess, but not really. See she insists on a strictly PG rated classroom, which doesn’t make for the best drama environment. People have to be free to say what comes naturally to them (within reason), and to have to constantly monitor your self really doesn’t allow for that. Right now I want to play Halo with my cousin from Cali, even though he always kicks my butt. (Hi, if you’re reading this). (As always, no names until I have permission. I don’t want anyone getting stalked and then blaming me. lol) Alright. Let me know what you’re doing. Sent me an e-mail, or drop a comment.




  1. Great blog Connor, I am proud of what you are doing. Keep in touch. Ms. Griffin (Tomi)

  2. Thank you very much that means a lot Ms. Griffin, I mean Tomi. Hmm, now that I can call you Tomi, I’m not. Force of habit I guess.

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