My Mandala

August 22, 2007


The creation of a mandala is a journey into one’s self to find the values that makes a person who they are. My personal mandala shows the things that are important to me. It is composed of five major parts, the outer circle, the triquetra, and the three inner circles. My mandala is one of connectivity, as evidenced by the web pattern creating the outer circle.

The outer circle of my mandala is a web created by using the pattern X to X+10 on a 36 point circle, that is 1 to 11, 2 to 12 and so on. I chose a blue color scheme for the web, or Bezier curve drawing, as it is known mathematically, because I have always felt an affinity for the ocean and swimming. Water is also, coincidentally, the element associated with my birth sign, Scorpio. This web symbolizes interpersonal connectivity. It also serves to link the objects in the inner circle of my mandala.­­­­­­­­­

In the inner circle of my mandala, a tri-colored triquetra links the three circles to each other. The triquetra is an ancient symbol, made from the intersection of three circles, that has had many meanings to various peoples over the years. Specifically it represented an important triplicate of some sort. For the Celts, it was the Goddess, a triple goddess, with incarnations of a maiden, a matron, and a crone. For the Christians, it has been used to represent the holy trinity. In my mandala it symbolizes intrapersonal connectivity by linking the three things that I value the most. As such, the three colors of the triquetra are the three colors that encircle my core values.

The first colored circle in my mandala is blue, which I used to represent my search for knowledge. This is a detail from a well known representation of the heliocentric theory by Andreas Cellarius called Harmonia Macrocosmica. I chose this image because the heliocentric theory was an incredibly important contribution to our understanding of the cosmos. Below and to the left of this symbol is the green circle.

The color of the second circle is green, which represents my respect for the environment. It is depicted by a circle of people surrounding a “world tree”, a representation of the environment. The preservation of our earth is incredibly important to me, and I try to help in any way that I can. I conserve water, I recycle, I use eco-friendly products, and I practice vegetarianism, in an effort to preserve our planet. Next to this depiction is the final circle, the red circle.

This deep red circle symbolizes my religion, secular humanism. Representing my faith is a mandala created by Eve Margo Withrow and Terry Kreuzer for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Cheyenne. Secular Humanism is a religion that, while it does not acknowledge a god, promotes justice, service to the human race, and the improvement of life for all humanity.

My mandala has five parts and they are as follows. The outer web of my mandala symbolizes my relationships with others and my affinity for the aquatic. The triquetra represents my intrapersonal connections. The blue circle is a representation of my search for knowledge. The green circle signifies my respect and care for the environment. The circle representing my religion, secular humanism, is a deep red. In summation, my five part mandala is a graphical representation of who I am, and what I define myself by.


Click to see my mandala :

My mandala


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