The Marauders (A Rant from Connor) (Blog Wars)

September 5, 2007

Ok girls, now I’m pissed off! I was alright with it before, but you have slowly been getting worse. All of you. Especially you Padfoot  I can’t believe you guys! Oafish! You don’t get to call my best friend oafish! Strange is only marginally better! (For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about: check out my blogroll under “The Marauders”) Now all, let me give you the back story here. Prongs was asked to formal (the 9th grade dance) by my best friend. She said yes. However at formal she hid from him in the girls bathroom for almost the entire time. This crushed him, because he really liked her. When he tried to speak to her about the issue, she would ignore him and run away. Fairly juvenile, huh? He wants to reconcile with her now, but she remains a jerk and refuses to speak to him. Now she’s refering to him in her joint-effort fantasy blog as “the oafish football player”. And don’t deny that you mean him, Padfoot told him, and he told me! Feel free to attempt to defend yourself. And all you other readers feel free to give your opinion on the matter.



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