Their post (Blog Wars)

September 7, 2007

Connor you are no longer a pudding minion! (Padfoot you shouldn’t have put someone like this silly non-informed idiot into our growing army! You now will to hide from me in the morning for I will be carrying a newspaper with me frequently.)

Well I have a new name for this football player. (Please don’t kill me pretty blond haired girl!) He shall now be called dancing prancing football boy! Mwahahaha! *sigh* My loyal fans. (Girls I mean) I have found a potential! Padfoot, Moony I bet your happy about that now you have something to tease me about now!


A. What the hell is a pudding minion?

B. Why was I one?

C. Why would I want to be one?

D. Yeah the new name is sooooo much better.

E. The pretty blonde-haired girl is going to murder you

F. What loyal fans?



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