Another of theirs

September 9, 2007

Personally I’m not so sure about this Connor character. Maybe its because he seems like a pompous moron, maybe its because hes a Padfoot fan(they always creeped me out for some reason), or maybe its because hes insulting my best mate(GRRRR). Though I fairly sure its a combination of all three. So lets deduce this shall we… hes a pompous moron who is a majorly scary Padfoot fan and who’s picking on my best mate. Hey Padfoot I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to hex your friend

Then they hex me with flying gummy bears that sing the sesame street song, which I have yet to see.

Anyway, let’s analyze her post, I’m pompous (I’ve always admitted it), I’m a moron (rather a juvenile insult, come up with something creative guys, it’ s me , I’m easy to insult), I’m friends with Padfoot, and I’m mad at Prongs. Ok… lets see yup, that’s it.




  1. I have varsity football friends there too. you actually have friend on the football team! you like do there homework for them or something?

  2. Hey! Whomever you are, come back with something better than “pompous moron.” It’s this kind of pseudo-intellectualism that leads typical American plebeians into a smug sense of superiority. That stupid-ass comment took about as much thought as your mother did when she decided not to throw your retarded ass in the dumpster on prom night. So learn to retort and maybe you’ll come up with something actually coherent and clever. -jason

  3. Connor, If I were you I would curb your jerk friend’s attitude. a.) stop being an ass and come up with something better than a diss involving someone’s mother b.) you are only throwing fuel on a dead fire c.) talk about lack of intelligence in Americans when you move your “psuedo-intellectualism” and “smug sense of superiority” out of the country.

  4. Do you think you could think of something better? I defy you you to come up with something that’s not complete incoherent dribble. The MOTHER wasn’t even the focal point of comment. (the only reason I wrote it was in honor of Connor’s pencher for igniting fires when there’s nothing else to do. I think the last part of your “scathing” (I use that less than lightly)comeback is actually a complement given the way it’s written. So try go ahead and try. Don’t “dis” me when you don’t walk the walk.

  5. Perhaps, if you had actually bothered to comprehend what was written, you would have gotten a little more out of it. I for one, do not see how my previous dialogue could be misinterpreted as a compliment. If, by some minuscule chance you misunderstood, it was not meant to be anything even remotely favorable. Perhaps, your lackluster writing abilities stem, not from poor knowledge of vocabulary, but from a lack of mental faculty. Are you really saying that this is an example of your best “diss”? I’m thoroughly crestfallen, I had not believed in the existence of such an incompetent. By the by, learn to spell, and use grammar for that matter. The glaring lack of polish makes your attempt at intelligence look as if you’ve copied and pasted big words into a shabby sentence, with out being fully cognizant of their meanings.

  6. “And are you really saying that this is an example of your best diss? I’m sorely dissapointed.”That shameful passage might well have been lifted from my original comment “.” Please let’s not talk about unpolished grammar and spelling when 1. you misspelled disappointed and dis 2. Pencher is a French word meaning “an inclination toward” similar to penchant. 3. nice use of the word “and” as the beginning of a sentence 4. not only did you misspell disappointed but it’s the biggest word in your lackluster paragraph. Also what you meant and what you said were not at all the same thing, “talk about lack of intelligence in Americans when you move your “ Pseudo-intellectualism” and “smug sense of superiority” out of the country.” either This statement implies that you expect the country to take a substantial hit to it’s overall intellect or you just made an insultingly poor attempt at sarcasm or you have no idea what you wrote. I sincerely hope that you consider at least proofreading your next comment. Finally it’s easy to poke holes in the comments of others(whether or not they’re valid) but looking at yours I see little meaning and an overall waste of your time. It’s obvious that this abomination of the creative use (or for that matter regular use of the English language) had no real purpose other than to save face and sling mud making it for all intents and purposes useless dialog. So let’s not through stones when you live in a glass house because I at least attempted to add body to my text by adding words with more than three syllables, which is more than I can say for anything you have said as of late. Maybe if you actually were smart enough to have any office from which you could judge me you’d realize that my “Big Words”(a wonderfully thoughtful term) are not loosely hung together, but cleverly used. If you understood them without looking at a dictionary you would know that. As Shakespeare allegedly wrote “I have done!”-Jason

  7. P.S. Looking back at my second comment I agree It’s as not well put together as it could have been.

  8. My my, isn’t it going to be interesting when you two meet at my birthday party?

  9. 1.) I didn’t misspell diss, you can check if you really feel compelled too. 2.) If you base a sentence on how many syllables the words have, then you should fail English. 3.) I never said that Pencher was incorrect. 4.) “And” can be used at the beginning of a sentence as long as it is used properly ie. No “And then I went to the park.” Pick up a textbook, read it, and get back to me. 5.) “talk about lack of intelligence in Americans when you move your “ Pseudo-intellectualism” and “smug sense of superiority” out of the country.” was refering to the fact that you shouldn’t insult the country that you live in, and I think it is very poor tact on your part to do so. 6.) Why question someone’s “mud-slinging” when you admitted that the comment was meant to start a fire? A fire involving a close friend of mine.

    By the way, I applaud your misspelling of the word “throw”. Not to mention that lovely cliche that it went with. Truly commendable.

    I must admit that I’m interested to meet my online adversary in person. Though I wonder what he’ll expect to find…

  10. Apparently you didn’t finish reading my comment but it’s irrelevant. but perhaps you did not understand the vernacular.

  11. That’s fine. I’m thoroughly satisfied after hearing today of an incident involving putting together a closet at Connor’s estimable friend’s house.

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