Damn Bush! Yup, it’s (A Rant from Connor!)

September 13, 2007

Okay. First of all let me say that I understand that there is no quick fix to this war, and I think that pulling our troops out, would be disastrous at this juncture. So I also want to make it clear that I’m not some uber-left wing terrorist. I am not sure on my views on stem-cell research and I am against abortion for almost all situations. I am, however, quite liberal on many other matters, such as this war we have going on. First, let’s look at it’s name: “The War on Terror”. As my history teacher said, that’s kind of a blank check. It’s not war on Iraq, it’s not war on Afghanistan, it’s not war on Saudi Arabia, it’s war on TERROR. So, anywhere terrorists are the war can go. Also, we could choose to take this more literally, to suggest that the government is mass producing lanterns for dark alleys and night lights for every bedroom, but we won’t.  Rofl! Oh sorry, I’m watching his speech right now. *cough cough* Oh my god, I think that he just said that we can begin bringing our troops home!!! I’ll let you know when I’m sure. Oh never mind, he said that we need more troops first. Yay, Democratic response! Okay. So. This war is completely ridiculous, where are we? Iraq. Who attacked the World Trade centers? The Taliban. Did they have any ties with Iraq? NO! Were there weapons of mass destruction? NO! And so I rest my case, well at least for now…


One comment

  1. Oh my god. There is the stupidest commercial on tv the one where the soldier says that terrorists from Iraq attacked us!!! Then he says that we shouldn’t let politics muck up the war!!! What a freaking idiot!. 1. As you so nicely mentioned, the Taliban attacked us from Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. 2. Politics are the fundamental part of war. Fighting wars with only one perspective and blindly is what we accuse Islam of being barbaric for. Gah!!! it’s just so damn retarded.

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