SuCh Is LiFe

September 25, 2007

Well, it’s time for a regular post! I’ve been having fun recently! This Saturday I went with some friends to lunch at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, then we went to the mall and stayed at Borders for a looong time. (Expect a rant about 8 year-old skater punks, there may even be a contributing author!). Then, we walked around and picked up some I am loved pins, cuz our egos needed some boosting, I guess. Next: Spencers and far too many phallic replicas for my taste, needles to say, we didn’t stay long! Then we sat in the court yard for, like, an hour talking. Subsequently, we went to see The Invasion at the $2 theatre. Seeing as how it’s supposed to be a scary movie, it’s probably not good that we laughed our butts off… The cinematography was soooooooooooooo bad. Anyway, that was an awesome evening, because I got to see some of the people whom I was missing the most! Oh, btw, 403 Visits!!! Woot!!! Though, judging by the lack of comments it’s probably either people I don’t know, or someone just hitting the refresh button alot. (Does that even work??) I wonder if my logging on is counted? I should check that, though I don’t go on here that often, so that wouldn’t raise the count too much. It’s probably a prank by the Marauders.




  1. Nah, we’re far to busy pranking people who have fun reactions. Hey look, a comment!

  2. Hahaha fun times, fun times :]

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