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Beginning Anew.

December 29, 2008

It’s been a while since I last posted, and much has happened since then.
I’ve been tossed out of IB, and have been taken in by AcDec. My classes are a joke, and I have no idea why there can’t be a happy medium between IB (whose homework load is major contributor to deforestation) and advanced classes, College Trig and AA English for example (which make you so bored that you actually have time to plot an incredibly effective escape plan before the bell rings.)

I have time for my friends now (Thank God, otherwise I’d go insane)
which is great.

You know, I don’t think that what makes a good friend is what you have in common, but rather, how you deal with what you don’t.

Just a little epiphany there, that happens occasionally.

I’ve been experimenting with photography lately, since I got a camera for Christmas. I’ll put a photo on here. I haven’t shopped this; this is pure camera work.

I guess that’s all for now. I have to get to cleaning my room.

OH!! And by the way, I haven’t posted on this thing in ages, but  view count has jumped from 403 to 1187, what’s up with that??